Will There Be A Ps5 Shortage 2022

PS5 Let’s talk about the global console shortage, and how it might affect next gen consoles It is currently almost impossible to purchase new consoles This applies to nearly all consoles from PS4 to Switch, where all online retailers are completely sold out This can probably be attributed to decreased production due to the pandemic, andSony Group will continue producing PlayStation 4 consoles throughout 2022 as it navigates disruptions to the global supply chain that have limited output of its pricier PlayStation 5 “It is one of the best selling consoles ever and there is always crossover between generations, ” the company said PS5 Shortage Sony Will ContinueThere ’s a global shortage of semiconductor chips, a key part of the PS5 Unfortunately, there is no exact time frame of when stock replenishment However, Sony has stated that there will be a shortage of gaming systems until 2023 The PS5 comes in two different models a digital version and a standard versionAccording to Bloomberg, Sony had originally planned to discontinue production of the PS4 late last year, plans which Sony officially denies However, the ongoing shortage of …Intel CEO The Chip Shortage Will Last Until 2024 ExtremeTech Josh Norem • 1h Back in December of 2022, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger weighed in on when the chip shortage would end He stated at the time he thought the situation … ExtremeTech
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